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Police officers, supervisors and even higher ranking administrative department officials, unless very well versed in the disciplines of the varied techniques, methods and styles, honestly know very little about the oral board process. They certainly knew what it was like to go through an oral board. They did it themselves of course, to land their own job in law enforcement.

The bad news is one, three, seven or even 10 oral boards do not an expert make. And so it goes with advice from cops to the huge group of men and women that badly want to be wearing their own uniform. The advice is generally coming from people that went through a few oral boards to land their own job, and now they somehow feel qualified to give recruits “tips” on how to answer this, and how to answer that. With that said, one of the most common misgivings associated with how the police oral board works, is the pre-conceived supposition that it’s all about answering questions.

While that is of course a component, and a very important one, it’s only a portion…

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Free Advice – Police Interview