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Chief Russell Ehlers was born and raised in the Midwestern United States, growing up in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. He later moved to Arizona to attend Pima Community College where he pursued studies in Criminal Justice. When he completed schooling, Russell Ehlers returned to the Midwest where he began his career in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff on a large agency. After serving 14 years in that capacity, he moved his interest to a smaller police agency, quickly moving up the supervisory ladder. He became the Chief of his agency in 2004 and served as Police Chief until his retirement.

Chief Russ’ passion is assisting men and women navigate the complicated and competitive law enforcement process. His extensive experience and research of the entire hiring process has lead him to produce the now, very popular, Earn Your Badge web site. This client service is a resource for everyone interested in obtaining a career in law enforcement and focuses on producing “bullet proof” police candidates that truly stand out from the crowd when they interview for a position at any law enforcement agency.

The success of this valuable service has become rapidly evident in the tremendous feedback that Chief Russ has received from clients that are now passing their police entrance exams and oral board interviews with flying colors. “They’re starting to get hired by police and sheriff agencies now, and I couldn’t be more proud of these fine men and woman” Chief Russ said. “They often give me credit for their success. They put the tools to use that I provide in EYB and I give them all the credit for preparing properly. It’s all them!”

Mr. Ehlers has traveled to several continents, numerous countries and interviewed countless police officials regarding their hiring practices. He has extensive experience managing the oral board process for his own and other police agencies. EYB is designed to serve most every English speaking nation including the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia to name a few.

On one of the Chief’s trips overseas, he met the woman that would later become his wife, Chirryl. The two are happily married, live in Wisconsin, and have five children together. Chief Russ enjoys playing with his five children, gardening, writing and communicating with members of EYB.

2 thoughts on “About Russ”

  1. Thank you so much for Earn your badge. It has helped me tremedously. I have worked part time in a small town in Durand MI for 6 years. I started off applying to every opening and totally bombing and freezing at each one. I decided to wait awhile and get more experience. I thought it was because of my gender, lack of experience and small stature. But truely it was because of my answers to the questions. I have been studing your blogs, emails and other info online. I do have to admit it truely has helped me understand what the “panel ” is looking for. Tomorrow I have an interview with Central Mich. University…wish me luck and thank you for earn your badge!

  2. Chief Ehlers,

    I am an automotive professional and I was always interested in police work. During the last year my life changed dramatically. I got divorced.

    I decided that now is the time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Things that make a difference.

    A few months ago I applied for a reserve police officer position ( part time). I had my oral interview a week ago. I was always told I interviewed well but I did more prep work for this position than any other interview. I studied for about an hour or two for a month!

    I am sorry I didn’t purchase EYB but I watched all your YT videos. I used ONE thing from your videos and THAT was all I needed to win them over.

    When asked why I wanted to be an APO , I told them why and I told them the job requires ” critical independent thinking” ( It does, that’s brilliant) As soon as I said that their heads came up from their clip boards and I was in control the rest of the interview.

    Thank you for putting me in the drivers seat , Chief. I was afraid to open the letter. I got it today. It said they are requiring me to do 16hrs of ride alongs to make sure the job is a fit. Then in September I report for uniform assignment and training. I’ve always wanted to work in law enforcement, even if its part time.

    Thank you sir. You’re a brilliant man.

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