Law Enforcement Interview Questions and Answers – Partner Steals, Follow-up

I’ve received a lot of feedback on my law enforcement oral board question video “Partner Steals a Candy Bar”, so I’m doing a follow-up on that video with a slight twist on the police oral board interview question and answer.

This time I discuss a different scenario question…What if it wasn’t a candy bar, but a smaller piece of candy like a mint or a tootsie roll?

I also discuss that theft is theft and why I wouldn’t go running to a supervisor, but I would do what is in the best interest of the police department.

Police Interview Questions and Answers – Partner Steals Candy Follow-Up

Open Carry Police Oral Board Question

Chief Russ poses as a candidate during his Police Oral Board Interview.


The panel member asks an oral board question regarding a citizen open carrying a weapon in a park.

Chief Russ Ehlers(who poses as the candidate) answers the question and more importantly explains his answer

Police Oral Board Question – Have You Stolen?

I want to know the correct answer to the following police interview question – “Have you ever stolen anything?”

Leave you answer in the comments below and in a month or so I’ll produce another video giving the ONLY correct answer and more importantly why it’s the correct answer.