Police Interview Tip – A Clean Cruiser

There’s a trick of the trade, so to speak, that some departments employ. Police applicants are sometimes told to park their cars in a certain area or, the department will assign an officer to take note of applicant’s vehicles are parked. This isn’t done too often on larger departments but still employed by some smaller agencies.

When the applicant is in the interview, an officer will perform a visual inspection of their vehicle. The things they’re looking for are not only current registration, but more importantly, what’s on the inside. You can often tell a lot about a person from the interior condition of their vehicle. So, just to give you the edge, clean your car a few days before your interview. It should look orderly inside and be free of garbage, excessive decorations, air fresheners, anything hanging from the rear-view mirror, makeup and for the love of pete, get rid of your radar detector and the suction cup mark that it leaves on the windshield.

Your goal here is, make the inside of a car look like you rented it an hour before your interview. Clean and pretty much empty. No inference is drawn from a clean, empty car other than a positive one.

Police Interview Tip